6 things you need before getting a new logo


To make the process of developing a new company or product logo as efficient and successful as possible, it's important for you to have thought about a few things your designer will need to know.  Here are 6 pieces to have in place before you embark on logo design:

  1. - know who you are as a company, and who your customers are
    (what do you stand for, what is your vision for the next 10 years; what do your customers care about, how do they interact with your brand, what are their challenges and pain points?)
  2. - know what your company’s strengths and challenges are
    (since you may not be perfect in EVERY aspect, bank on what you do really well and make sure you do the rest well enough to compete)
  3. - know how your products or services differentiate themselves from the competition
    (why would customers pick your's over others? Is your brand story part of that?)
  4. - products: how do you categorize/sub-brand different products and what is the overriding brand and vision 
    (are you focusing on one overhead brand with regular product names or do you highlight unique product names and only sign off with the company name somewhere less visible?)
  5. - think about where and how your logo will be used 
    (packaging, web, promo material, trade shows, videos, apparel?)
  6. - gather some examples of logos or design that embody your desired style
    (for talking points only, not every aspect has to fit)

What you don't need to know about your future logo: what color it should be, what exactly it needs to look like, and what kind of font(s) it should use. It doesn't hurt to share your ideas, of course, but concentrating on the top 6 will go a long way in helping your designer explore in the right direction.

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