Passion is part of it.

Deciding to take the next step is a big deal. Choosing the right partner is a big decision. Here’s what to expect when working with Rena B Design:

1.     You’ll uncover a new sense of your brand. Through the process of working with us, clients often have realizations and find direction in unexpected ways. Seeing them transform—and gain a new understanding and sense of empowerment—is one of the most rewarding aspects of this work.

2.     High standards, low overhead. We keep our studio small and nimble, and build customized teams for your specific needs so you only pay for what you need and we can respond directly and personally.

3.     Good relationships! Communication is key to any successful project. We value open exchange, client participation and eventually call many clients friends. Commitment means we call when we say we will, deliver what we promise, and are invested at every step.

4.     A partner who knows the rulesFrom FDA regulations and label size requirements, to sourcing new materials or technology to make your package more sustainable, we can guide and advise you.

5.     Directness. From a place of deep caring about you and your business, we call things as they are. Most clients appreciate that kind of candor because they know it has their best interest at heart and results in a true and effective collaboration. 

6.     Real-world solutions. We are committed to finding solutions that are as efficient as they are effective, and as sustainable as reasonably possible, without sacrificing quality or impact.

To discover if we’re a good fit, let’s talk.

I have been told on many occasions that clients chose to work with me because of my branding and website, done by Rena B Design.
— Caroline Fey, The City Kitchen